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Montgomery County Common Pleas Court Civil Division Dayton-Montgomery

MONTGOMERY COUNTY COMMON PLEAS COURT CIVIL DIVISION DAYTON-MONTGOMERY County Courts Building 41 N. Perry Street Dayton, Ohio 45422-2155 uFFFC JUDGES: Hon. Dennis J. Adkins Hon. Steven K. Dankof Hon. Barbara P. Gorman (Presiding Judge) Hon. Mary Katherine Huffman Hon. Michael W. Krumholtz Hon. Dennis J. Langer Hon. Timothy N. O'Connell Hon. Gerald Parker Hon. Gregory F. Singer (Admin. Judge-General Division) Hon. Richard S. Skelton Hon. Mary Wiseman --- Mike Foley Clerk of Courts Telephone 937-225-6118 * * * * * NEW SUITS File date: 05/29/2019 Hon. Barbara P. Gorman 2019CV02479 Kristen Lauer: Jay McClellan; 6260 Peters Rd., Tipp City, OH; Personal Injury; Barry LevyHon. Dennis J. Adkins 2019CV02468 MyCUmortgage LLC: Brent M. Allen; 2261 Old Springfield Road, Vandalia, OH; Mortgage Foreclosure; Matthew McKelvey Hon. Dennis J. Langer 2019CV02476 Garry Wolfe: Gary Jones; 109 Third Street, Battle Creek, MO; Personal Injury; Matthew Jewson 2019CV02478 State Of Ohio: Ad Armstrong; Warren Corr Inst A489-194, Lebanon, OH; Civil All Other; Andrew French Hon. E. Gerald Parker 2019CV02475 Montgomery County Treasurer: William H McLemore; 1946 Home Avenue, Dayton, OH; Mortgage Foreclosure; Michele Phipps Pl 2019CV02482 Danis Building Construction Company: Jostin Construction Inc.; 2335 Florence Avenue, Cincinnati, OH; Civil All Other; Kenneth Seibel Hon. Gregory F. Singer 2019CV02480 Charmaine Y. Debrosse: Aaron D. Clark; 2227 Nomad Avenue, Dayton, OH; Personal Injury; Austin Lipuma 2019CV02483 MyCUmortgage LLC: Nicole L. Quinn; 503 Unger Avenue, Englewood, OH; Mortgage Foreclosure; Matthew McKelvey Hon. Mary Wiseman 2019CV02474 Michell A McCormick: Alfred Lewis; 4080 Vina Villa Avenue, Dayton, OH; Personal Injury; Matthew Jewson Hon. Timothy N. O`Connell 2019CV02470 Montgomery County Treasurer: William E Kahler; 225 West Wenger Road, Englewood, OH; Mortgage Foreclosure; Michele Phipps Pl 2019CV02471 Calisha Martin-Wood: Lisa Harmon; 2835 Otterbein Avenue, Dayton, OH; Personal Injury; Matthew Jewson 2019CV02477 Scott Abbott: Brookville Heating Air Conditioning; 5900 N. Sulphur Springs Road, Brookville, OH; Civil All Other; Joseph Moore
June 5, 2019
June 12, 2019
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