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Montgomery County Common Pleas Court Civil Division Dayton-Montgomery

MONTGOMERY COUNTY COMMON PLEAS COURT CIVIL DIVISION DAYTON-MONTGOMERY County Courts Building 41 N. Perry Street Dayton, Ohio 45422-2155 uFFFC JUDGES: Hon. Dennis J. Adkins Hon. Steven K. Dankof Hon. Barbara P. Gorman (Presiding Judge) Hon. Mary Katherine Huffman Hon. Michael W. Krumholtz Hon. Mary E. Montgomery Hon. Timothy N. O'Connell Hon. Gerald Parker Hon. Gregory F. Singer (Admin. Judge-General Division) Hon. Richard S. Skelton Hon. Mary Wiseman--- Mike Foley Clerk of Courts Telephone 937-225-6118 * * * * * NEW SUITS File date: 11/08/2019 Hon. Barbara P. Gorman 2019CV05294 Montgomery County Treasurer: Emily A Willis; 667 Saint Nicholas Avenue, Dayton, OH; Mortgage Foreclosure; Michele Phipps Pl 2019CV05309 Montgomery County Treasurer: John L Perry; 2514 Nicholas Road, Dayton, OH; Mortgage Foreclosure; Michele Phipps Pl Hon. Dennis J. Adkins 2019CV05299 Francina Pullen: Bureau Of Workers Compensation; 30 West Spring Street, Columbus, OH; Worker Compensation; Gary Plunkett 2019CV05308 Union Savings Bank: Jimmi D. Elza; 3545 Trail On Road, Dayton, OH; Mortgage Foreclosure; Andrew Ferguson Hon. Mary Wiseman 2019CV05295 Chris Brower: Ford Motor Company; Co Ct Corporation System Sa, Columbus, OH; Civil All Other; Elizabeth Wells Hon. Mary Katherine Huffman 2019CV05300 Montgomery County Treasurer: Emma Comminey; 2508 Home Avenue, Dayton, OH; Mortgage Foreclosure; Michele Phipps Pl Hon. Michael W. Krumholtz 2019CV05307 US Bank National Association: Winston C Roberts; 23 Skyview Drive, Vandalia, OH; Mortgage Foreclosure; Angela Kirk 2019CV05310 Enerbank USA: Chad J Sloss; 162 Oxford Ave, Dayton, OH; Debt Collection - Original Holder; Vincent Thomas Hon. Richard S. Skelton 2019CV05298 Anthium LLC; Unknown Spouse If Any Of Sandra J. Hogston; 1613 Patterson Road, Dayton, OH; Mortgage Foreclosure; Douglas Haessig 2019CV05305 IAT Insurance Group Inc: Bryce Stomoff; 210 E. Pease, Dayton, OH; Civil All Other; Jonathan Beck Hon. Steven K. Dankof 2019CV05304 Gary Prater: Miami Valley Housing Opportunites Inc; 907 West 5th St, Dayton, OH; Civil All Other; Pro Se Hon. Timothy N. O`Connell 2019CV05292 Innomark Communications Llc: Phillips Entertainment Group Inc.; Care Of Earnest Ray, Los Angeles, CA; Debt Collection - Original Holder; Ronald Kozar 2019CV05306 Montgomery County Treasurer: Anderson Roberson Sr; 320 Walton Avenue, Dayton, OH; Mortgage Foreclosure; Michele Phipps Pl
November 15, 2019
November 22, 2019
November 15, 2019 8:10pm