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Legal Notice Request for Proposals Proposals Will Be

LEGAL NOTICE REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS Proposals will be received by the Board of Clark County Commissioners (County), Clark County Common Pleas Court, 50 E. Columbia St., PO Box 2639, Springfield, OH 45501-2639, UNTIL OCTOBER 18, 2019, AT 9:00 A.M., to provide electronic monitoring services. Request for Proposal (RFP) documents are on file at, and may be obtained from, the Court of Common Pleas, 101 N. Limestone St., Springfield, OH 45502. Contact Karen Howard at 937-521-1752 or to obtain proposal documents. Each proposal shall contain the full name and address of each person or company submitting the proposal. All original proposals and three copies of the proposal must be submitted to the Board of County Commissioners/Clark County Common Pleas, 50 E. Columbia St., PO Box 2639, Springfield, OH 45501-2639, NO LATER THAN OCTOBER 18, 2019, AT 9:00 A.M. Proposals must be clearly marked on the outside of the envelope in the lower left hand corner: "Electronic Monitoring Proposals." The name and address of the company submitting the proposal shall also appear on the outside of the envelope. After review and recommendation by a proposal review team and the County, a contract may be awarded, by the County, to the responsible firm whose proposal is most advantageous to the county, with price and other factors considered. The proposal review process will begin on or after 9:00 A.M. on OCTOBER 18, 2019, in the Board of County Commissioners at 50 E. Columbia St., Springfield, OH, 45502. In order to ensure fair and impartial evaluation, proposals and any documents or other records related to negotiation for any contract shall not be available until after the award of that contract. Thereafter, such records will be made available for inspection and copying, upon request, after the County has an opportunity to review such records and redact all information that is prohibited from being released by law. THE COUNTY RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REJECT ANY AND ALL PROPOSALS AND TO WAIVE ANY DEFECT IN A PROPOSAL UNLESS WAIVER OF THAT DEFECT WOULD MATERIALLY ALTER THE RFP REQUIREMENTS. Please note that the County is exempt from all Federal, State, and Local Sales and/or Excise Taxes. Attention to all bidders is called to the following requirements: compliance with Equal Employment Opportunity policies; signing of the Personal Property Tax Statement, Non-Collusion Affidavit, and Affidavit in Compliance with Section 3517.13 of the Ohio Revised Code and their return with the bid. You may view this notice on the County's web site by going to and clicking on the Notices/Hearings link or you may enter This notice will also be posted on the Public Notices Ohio website at http://www. By order of the Board of County Commissioners, Clark County, Ohio Megan Burr, Clerk News-Sun: October 3, 2019 10-3/2019
October 3, 2019
November 2, 2019
November 2, 2019 8:10pm