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Flood Insurance in the City of Kettering Introduction

Flood Insurance in the City of Kettering Introduction: The City of Kettering, State of Ohio, and the federal government together have a focused effort on reducing potential flooding. As a participant in the National Flood Insurance program, the City has a community outreach service that could lower flood insurance rates. Flood Hazard Some low-lying areas of Kettering are subject to flooding caused by water sitting on flat areas and by overflow of the Little Beaver and Little Sugar creeks. Houses have been built along the stream channel in some areas, so that once the stream leaves it banks, it can quickly spread across backyards and parking lots and into basements of homes and commercial buildings. Flood Safety Whether you live in the floodplain or happen to be caught in a flooded area, you should take several steps to decrease your risk. Do not attempt to cross a flowing stream where water is above your knees. Keep children away from flood waters, ditches, culverts and storm drains. Avoid driving in high-water areas. If your vehicle stalls in high water, abandon it, and seek higher ground. Cut off all electrical circuits at the fuse panel or disconnect the switch. If this is not possible turn off or disconnect all electrical appliances. Use a flashlight to inspect for damage. Don't smoke or use candles, lanterns or open flames unless you know the gas has been turned off and the air has been ventilated. Flood Insurance Standard homeowners insurance policies do not cover losses due to flooding. Kettering, however, is a participant in the national Flood Insurance Program, which enables property owners to obtain federally backed flood insurance. Flood insurance can cover structural items, which are permanently attached to the house including the finance and/or contents. The actual cost will vary depending on the amount of the coverage and the degree of flood hazard. Although we encourage everyone living in the floodplain to safeguard their property and belongings with flood insurance, it is actually a requirement in some instances such as when purchasing a federally backed mortgage. Protect Your Property To help safeguard your belongings, follow these guidelines: Elevate or relocate you electrical panel box, furnace, water heater or washer and dryer; place interior floodwalls around utilities. Install interior and exterior backwater valves and basement floor drains. If time permits, move essential items and furniture to upper floors in your home. Keep materials like plywood, plastic sheeting and lumber handy for emergency waterproofing. Substantial Improvement Requirements Any additions, improvements and repairs done to buildings in the floodplain that equal or exceed 50 percent of the existing building's value must be treated as a new building. Substantially improved or substantially damaged residential buildings must be elevated to or above the base flood elevation. Floodplain-development Permit Requirements Permits are required prior to beginning any development in the flood plain, whether commercial or residential. There are penalties when permits are not obtained or regulations met. Please call the City of Kettering Planning and Development Department at 296-2441: Before beginning any type of ground disturbance or construction If you have any questions about permit requirements, including those concerning property protection of substantial improvements Or to report questionable conduct Drainage System Maintenance Kettering has a storm drainage system, which comprises of both natural and man-made materials. The open sections are natural channels, swales and ditches to carry storm waters away from homes to natural drainage areas such as creeks and rivers. The manmade or storm drainage system is built largely out of concrete material, which carries water from streets and developments to drainage areas. It's important to maintain the drainage system to preserve a high-flood capacity to reduce the potential for flooding. Debris in ditches, streams and storms sewers obstruct the flow of water, which can cause overflow onto roads and into yards. Trouble spots are inspected and cleared after every major storm-30 or more times per year. The city also will respond to clean-up requests made by citizens and city personnel. The city has passed legislation against dumping in drainage channels. Any violations may be reported to the Engineering Department at 937-296-2436. What can my city officials do to help? The City of Kettering Engineering and Planning and Development departments can provide additional assistance. Among the services offered are: Provide data on historical flooding in your neighborhood Provide names of contractors and consultants knowledgeable or experienced in retrofitting techniques and construction Provide advice and information on a contractor's selection and performance Make site visits to advise owners of appropriate protection measures Review and make recommendations regarding retrofitting plans Do you live in a floodplain? If you would like to know whether or not you live in a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA, a floodplain) or you would like additional information SFHA, you may call the City of Kettering Engineering Department at 937-296-2436. A considerable amount of literature on flooding and flood protection had been complied and is available at Wilmington-Stroop Branch Library at 3980 Wilmington Pike. 1-5/2023
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