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Legal Notice Notice is Hereby Given That On

LEGAL NOTICE Notice is hereby given that on March 12, 2019, the City Commission of Springfield, Ohio, passed the following legislation: Ordinance No. 19-65, Amending the Zoning Map of Springfield, Ohio by rezoning 25.42 acres at 1751 Rebert Pike, Springfield, Ohio from RS-5, Low-Density, Single-Family Residence District to A, Agricultural District. Ordinance No. 19-66, Amending Ordinance No. 91-90, passed March 12, 1991, and commonly known as the Codified Ordinances of The City of Springfield, Ohio, by the amendment of Section 1321.07(d) thereof, relating to Springfield's historic districts and designated properties; and repealing existing Section 1321.07(d). Ordinance No. 19-67, Implementing Sections 3735.65 through 3735.70 of the Ohio Revised Code, establishing and describing the boundaries of the Springfield Revitalization Community Reinvestment Area in The City of Springfield, Ohio, and designating a housing officer to administer the program. Copies of the foregoing legislation are on file in City Hall at the Office of the Clerk of the City Commission, 76 East High Street, Springfield, Ohio, and are available for public inspection. Jill R. Pierce Clerk of the City Commission NEWS-SUN: Friday, March 15, 2019
March 15, 2019
April 14, 2019
April 16, 2019 12:05pm