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The Following Matters Are the Subject

The following matters are the subject of this public notice by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. The complete public notice, including any additional instructions for submitting comments, requesting information, a public hearing, or filing an appeal may be obtained at: or Hearing Clerk, Ohio EPA, 50 W. Town St. P.O. Box 1049, Columbus, Ohio 43216. Ph: 614-644-3037 email: Final Issuance of Permit-To-Install and Operate Univar Solutions USA Inc- Cincinnati Branch 4600 Dues Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45246 ID #: P0128857 Date of Action: 11/02/2020 FEPTIO renewal for tank truck loading, container filling operation and two fixed roof storage tanks. Approval of Directors Authorization request to exceed thresholds in the 401 WQC DA Middletown-Eaton Road Water Main Replacement 5990 Michael Rd, Middletown, OH 45042 Facility Description: 401 Certification ID #: DSW401206903D Date of Action: 11/02/2020 This final action not preceded by proposed action and is appealable to ERAC. Approval of a Director's Authorization Application to Exceed 401 WQC Thresholds of Nationwide Permit (NWP) No. 12, Middletown-Eaton Road Water Main Replacement Application Received for Air Permit Superform USA Inc 226 Circle Freeway, West Chester Twp., OH 45246 ID #: A0067550 Date of Action: 11/02/2020 Superform USA, Inc. is submitting this initial permit application requesting installation and operation of a new Expanded Polystyrene Parts Manufacturing facility in West Chester, Ohio. Final Issuance of Findings and Orders Under ORC Chap 6111 Molson Coors USA LLC 2525 Wayne Madison Rd, Trenton, OH Facility Description: Wastewater-Food Processor Receiving Water: Great Miami River ID #: 1IH00011*KD Date of Action: 11/04/2020 This final action not preceded by proposed action and is appealable to ERAC. Final Issuance of Permit to Install Butler County Board of Commissioners Facility Description: Wastewater ID #: 1371965 Date of Action: 11/05/2020 This final action not preceded by proposed action and is appealable to ERAC. Project: Crescent Moon Subdivision - New 35 lot single family subdivision with the extension of public water and sewer mains Project Location: 4933 Cincinnati Dayton Rd., Liberty Twp 11-8/2020
November 8, 2020
December 7, 2020
November 29, 2020 11:45am