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ATTN: Cynthia M. Fischer Nathan H. Blaske Dinsmore

Attn: Cynthia M. Fischer Nathan H. Blaske Dinsmore & Shohl, LLP 255 East Fifth Street, Suite 1900 Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 Phone: (513) 977-8200 Fax: (513) 977-8141 Re: Service by Publication EXHIBIT "A" Notice of Suit for Declaratory Judgment in the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas, Dayton, Ohio. Case No. 2024 CV 00771, Citibank, N.A., not in its individual capacity but solely as Owner Trustee of New Residential Mortgage Loan Trust 2019-RPL2 ("Citibank, as Trustee ") v. The Unknown Heirs, Devisees, Their Spouses and Creditors, Legatees, and the Fiduciary of the Estate, and Spouse and Creditors of Betty R. Smith, Deceased, whose identity, whereabouts, and place of residence is unknown, will take notice that on February 13, 2024, Citibank, as Trustee filed a Complaint as Plaintiff in the Court of Common Pleas of Montgomery County, Ohio, in Case No. 2024 CV 00771, against the above named Defendants seeking a declaration from this Court that the Mortgage which was originally recorded in the records of the Montgomery County Recorder on October 10, 2001 in MORT Book 01-7027, Page A07 as Instrument MORT-01-117264, and re-recorded on December 7, 2001 in MORT Book 01-8823, Page B07 as Instrument MORT-01-141496 ("Mortgage") was inadvertently released without consideration and remains effective as the first and best mortgage lien from the date of recording encumbering the Property commonly known as 953 Huron Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45407 and further described as: The real property is more specifically described as follows: PARCEL NUMBER R72 12203 0030 LEGAL DESCRIPTION: Situate in the City of Dayton, County of Montgomery and State of Ohio, and being Lot numbered Fifty-Two Thousand One Hundred Forty-Eight (52,148) of the consecutive numbers of lots on the revised plat of the said City of Dayton, Ohio. Publication shall be at least once a week for six successive weeks. Said Defendants are required to file an Answer within twenty-eight days after the date of the last publication. 7-8, 7-15, 7-22, 7-29, 8-5, 8-12/2024
July 8, 2024
September 9, 2024
July 15, 2024 8:10pm