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Public Notice the Parties Listed Below Whose Last

PUBLIC NOTICE The parties listed below whose last known address is listed below, the place of residence of each being unknown, will take notice that on the date of filing listed below, the undersigned Plaintiff filed its Complaint the Court of Common Pleas, of Montgomery County, Ohio, alleging that Plaintiff is the holder of certain tax certificates (listed below), purchased from the Montgomery County Treasurer in conformity with statutory authority, and is vested with the first lien previously held by the State of Ohio and its taxing districts for the amount of taxes, assessments, penalties, charges and interest charged against the subject parcel. Plaintiff further alleges that the certificate redemption price of each certificate is due and unpaid, and that it has filed a Notice of Intent to Foreclose with the Montgomery County Treasurer, which the Treasurer has certified indicating the certificate has not been redeemed. Plaintiff further alleges that there are also due and payable taxes, assessments, penalties and charges on the subject parcel that are not covered by the certificate, including all costs related directly or indirectly to the tax certificate (including attorneys fees of the holders' attorney and fees and costs of the proceedings). Plaintiff further alleges that it is owed the sums shown below on each tax certificate, plus interest at a rate of 6.5% per annum on the first tax certificate, from the certificate's purchase date to the date a notice of intent was filed, and 18% thereafter and on any other subsequently purchased tax certificate which are a first and prior lien against the real estate described below, superior to all other liens and encumbrances upon the subject parcel shown below. Plaintiff prays that the defendants named below be required to answer and set up their interest in said premises or be forever barred from asserting the same; that all taxes, assessments, penalties and interest due and unpaid, together with the costs of the action, including reasonable attorney fees, on the tax certificates be found to be a good and valid first lien on said premises; that the equity of redemption of said premises be foreclosed, said premises sold as provided by law, and for such other relief as is just and equitable. The defendants named below are required to answer on or before the 21st day of August, 2024. By Suzanne M. Godenswager (0086422), Sandhu Law Group, LLC, 1213 Prospect Avenue, Suite 300, Cleveland, OH 44115, 216-373-1001, Attorney for Plaintiff listed below. 2024 CV 02496 Tax Ease Oh V, LLC V. Alva Braxton, et al. Date of Filing: April 30, 2024 Published on: Virgil Smith, and Virginia Doe, Name Unknown, Unknown Spouse, if any, of Virgil Smith, 1555 Clifton Avenue, Columbus, OH 43203, Anthony Doe, Name Unknown, Unknown Spouse, if any, of Alva Braxton, 33 Russell Drive, Antioch, CA 94509, and Gary Doe, Name Unknown, Unknown Spouse, if any, of Gwendolyn White, 2625 S Macarthur Drive, Tracy, CA 95376 Base Lien: 2022-0000002217 Certificate Purchase Price: $3,733.20 Additional Liens: 2023-0000000447 Certificate Purchase Price: $3,252.55 Permanent Parcel No.: R72 11602 0018 Also known as: 1825 Auburn Avenue, Dayton, OH 45406 (A full copy of the legal description can be found in the Montgomery County Recorder's office) 7-10,7-17,7-24/2024
July 10, 2024
August 21, 2024
July 15, 2024 8:10pm