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South Charleston 45368 54 South Williams Streeet

Sheriff Sale of Real Estate AMERIHOME Mortgage company, LLC Plaintiff VS Jesse T. Peck Defendants Case No. 20CV0117 In pursuance of an Order of Sale in the above entitled action, I will offer for sale at public auction, AT THE DOOR OF THE COURTHOUSE, 101 NORTH LIMESTONE, in Springfield, Ohio, in Clark County, on FRIDAY, THE 15TH DAY OF JANUARY 2021, AT 10:00 A.M., the following described real estate. If a residential property receives no bids at the first sale, it will be offered for sale again 2 weeks later, with no minimum bid requirement. SITUATED IN THE STATE OF OHIO, COUNTY OF CLARK, VILLAGE OF SOUTH CHARLESTON AND BEING A PART OF THE NORTHWEST QUARTER OF SECTION 10, TOWNSHIP 6, RANGE 8 B.M.R.S. BEING THE PROPERTY OF WILLIAM A. PERRY OF OFFICIAL RECORD BOOK 1766, PAGE 2452 OF THE CLARK COUNTY RECORDER AND BEING MORE PARTICULARLY DESCRIBED AS FOLLOWS: BEGINNING, FOR REFERENCE AT A BAR FOUND IN THE SOUTH RIGHT OF WAY LINE OF MOUND STREET (50' R/W); THENCE WITH THE SOUTH LINE OF SAID STREET S. 61 DEG. 00' 41 W. 28.00 FEET TO THE INTERSECTION OF THE EAST RIGHT OF WAY LINE OF WILLIAMS STREET (33' R/W) AND THE SOUTH LINE OF MOUND STREET; THENCE N. 29 DEG. 00' 00 W. 254.53 FEET TO THE PRINCIPLE PLACE OF BEGINNING OF THE PARCEL HEREIN TO BE DESCRIBED AND BEING THE NORTHWEST CORNER OF THE PROPERTY OF JERRY M. THREKELD OF OFFICIAL RECORD BOOK 1701, PAGE 196 AND IN THE EAST LINE OF WILLIAMS STREET; THENCE N.29 DEG. 00' 00 W. 55.03 FEET TO THE SOUTHWEST CORNER OF THE PROPERTY OF JAMES H. MORNINGSTAR OF DEED BOOK 813, PAGE 973 AND IN THE EAST LINE OF WILLIAMS STREET; THENCE, LEAVING SAID STREET WITH THE MORNINGSTAR PROPERTY AND THE PROPERTY OF MARTIN R. AND ANICETA S. HOBOWSKY OF OFFICIAL RECORD BOOK 885, PAGE 75, N. 60 DEG. 54' 48 E. 133.90 FEET TO A PIPE FOUND IN THE WEST LINE OF HOBOWSKY PROPERTY, PASSING A PIPE FOUND AT 0.66 FEET; THENCE WITH THE SAID HOBOWSKY PROPERTY AND THE PROPERTY OF MCADOW LIMITED PARTNERSHIP OF OFFICIAL RECORD BOOK 1498, PAGE 8, S. 28 DEG. 48' 46 E. 55.03 FEET TO A PIPE FOUND AT THE NORTHEAST CORNER OF THE AFOREMENTIONED THREKELD PROPERTY; THENCE, LEAVING THE MCADOW PROPERTY, S. 60 DEG. 54' 48 W. 133.72 FEET TO THE PRINCIPLE PLACE OF BEGINNING, PASSING A PIPE FOUND AT 133.13 FEET. CONTAINING 0.169 ACRES, MORE OR LESS AND SUBJECT TO ALL LEGAL EASEMENTS OF RECORD. BEARINGS IN THE ABOVE DESCRIPTION ARE BASED ON THE SOUTH LINE OF MOUND STREET AS BEING N. 61 DEG. 00' 41 E. PER ENGINEERS SURVEY VOLUME 19, PAGE 37 AND ARE TO DENOTE ANGLES ONLY. THE ABOVE DESCRIPTION IS BASED ON AN ACTUAL FIELD SURVEY PERFORMED BY RICHARD E. HANKISON, P.L.S. #7409 ON 06-14-2006. Parcel No. 1701300010102004 Premises located at: 54 South Williams St., South Charleston, Oh. 45368 Premises Appraised at $80,000.00 (Eighty Thousand and 00/100 Dollars) and cannot be sold for less than two-thirds of that amount. The Sheriff's office nor any affiliates have access to the inside of said property. THESE PROPERTIES ARE SOLD AS IS. TERMS OF SALE: Down payment required: if the appraisal value is: Less than or equal to $10,000 - $2,000; Greater than $10,000 but less than or equal to $200,000 - $5,000; Greater than $200,000 - $10,000. Balance due when deed is delivered. The purchaser shall be responsible for those costs, allowances, and taxes that the proceeds of the sale are insufficient to cover. Deborah K. Burchett, Sheriff Tim Sullivan, Deputy David T. Brady, Attorney 216-373-1001 11-29, 12-6, 12-13/2020
South Charleston
South Williams Streeet
November 29, 2020
January 15, 2021
January 15, 2021 8:05pm