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Hall 50th Wedding Anniversary Bob and Cathie Met

Hall 50th Wedding Anniversary Bob and Cathie met when they were 14 and knew they wanted to make a family. They married at 16 and had 3 beautiful, brilliant children. They worked long hours, built a home, rode the roller coaster ride that is disappointment and achievement, heartbreak and triumph. Now retired, they have each day to sit on the porch together and look out on the world they helped to shape. It is a world that has grown to include 1 fabulous daughter-in-law; 2 handsome sons-in-law; 5 whip smart grandchildren; 2 adorable great-granddaughters; the spouse, boyfriend, fiance, and roommates of the grandchildrenall super lovely people; a loyal dog named O'Malley; 8 spoiled grand dogs; 6 grand cats; 1 grand gecko; and an assortment of sheep, goats, rabbits, and chickens. Bob and Cathie Hall celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary on April 27, 2023. All of us enriched by their love and care wish them big love and happiness on this important day. (Even the chickens!)
April 23, 2023
July 22, 2023
April 24, 2023 3:10pm