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Montgomery County Common Pleas Court Civil Division Dayton-Montgomery

MONTGOMERY COUNTY COMMON PLEAS COURT CIVIL DIVISION DAYTON-MONTGOMERY County Courts Building 41 N. Perry Street Dayton, Ohio 45422-2155 uFFFC JUDGES: Hon. Dennis J. Adkins Hon. Steven K. Dankof Hon. Barbara P. Gorman (Presiding Judge) Hon. Mary Katherine Huffman (Admin. Judge-General Division) Hon. Michael W. Krumholtz Hon. Dennis J. Langer Hon. Timothy N. O'Connell Hon. Gregory F. Singer Hon. Richard S. Skelton Hon. Michael L. Tucker Hon. Mary L. Wiseman --- Mike Foley Clerk of Courts Telephone 937-225-6118 * * * * * NEW SUITS File date: 01/09/2019 Hon. Barbara P. Gorman 2019CV00137 City Of Riverside: Tracie L. Ayers; 3559 Spicewood Drive, Dayton, OH; Civil All Other; Amber Greenleaf 2019CV00140 Wells Fargo Bank NA: Christopher Timothy Howell; 708 Greenhurst Drive, Vandalia, OH; Mortgage Foreclosure; Bethany Suttinger Hon. E. Gerald Parker 2019CV00146 James B. Nutter Company: Linda W McLemore; 5440 Northford Road, Dayton, OH; Mortgage Foreclosure; John Clunk Hon. Gregory F. Singer 2019CV00144 Pnc Bank National Association: Ted J Tomashot; 1387 Falke Drive, Dayton, OH; Mortgage Foreclosure; Jeffrey Helms 2019CV00147 Jean Ruppert: Sci Shared Resources LLC.; Co Agent Corporation Service, Columbus, OH; Personal Injury; Mary Lentz 2019CV00149 Okinbia Investment Properties LLC: Onemain Financial; 601 NW 2nd Street, Evansville, In; Civil All Other; Joseph Lucas Hon. Mary Katherine Huffman 2019CV00138 City Of Riverside: Bradley A. Crumbaugh; 4610 Tall Oaks Drive, Riverside, OH; Civil All Other; Amber Greenleaf Hon. Michael W. Krumholtz 2019CV00141 Money Source Inc.: Amy Elizabeth Keeton; 6772 Vienna Woods Trail, Dayton, OH; Mortgage Foreclosure; Michelle Polly Murphy Hon. Richard S. Skelton 2019CV00148 Nationstar Mortgage LLC: Richard Boesenberg Iii; 4051 Rymark Court, Dayton, OH; Mortgage Foreclosure; Jacqueline Wirtz Hon. Steven K. Dankof 2019CV00152 Pnc Bank National Association Etc.: Troi T. Moore; 10613 Cimarron Street, Los Angeles, Ca; Mortgage Foreclosure; Joshua Epling Hon. Timothy N. O`Connell 2019CV00150 Select Portfolio Servicing Inc.: Hershel Million; 14784 Brookville Pyrmont Road, Brookville, OH; Mortgage Foreclosure; Jacqueline Wirtz 2019CV00151 Nancy D Scarpelli: Joseph E Smith; 3913 Elmira Drive, Kettering, OH; Civil All Other; Marcy Vonderwell
January 16, 2019
January 23, 2019
January 16, 2019 8:10pm