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City of Fairfield Legislation Summary No. 12-2019 Following

CITY OF FAIRFIELD LEGISLATION SUMMARY NO. 12-2019 Following is a summary of legislation adopted by the Fairfield City Council on July 8, 2019. A complete text may be viewed at the following Fairfield locations: Fairfield Municipal Building (Room 138), Fairfield Lane Public Library, Fairfield YMCA, Fairfield Community Arts Center, and the Wildwood Manor House. Res 5-19 Adopting the tax budget of the City of Fairfield, Ohio, for the fiscal year beginning January 1, 2020 and submitting the same to the Butler County Auditor and declaring an emergency. Res 6-19 Declare that opiate abuse, addiction, morbidity and mortality is a serious health crisis in the City of Fairfield and is a public nuisance and authorizing, approving, and retaining certain law firms in litigation against contributors of opioid addiction crisis including but not limited to opioid manufacturers and distributors and declaring an emergency. Ord 64-19 Community Reinvestment Area Agreement and a Community Reinvestment Area Compensation Agreement, which will provide property tax incentives for Palmer Grant Corporation and Calvary Industries, Inc., to include an expansion to its existing facility located at 9233 Seward Road, and declaring an emergency. Ord. 65-19 Accept the Quitclaim deed for the acquisition of the property at 5137 Pleasant Avenue. Ord. 66-19 Three (3) year contract with Geotechnology for Geotechnical and Testing Services and declaring an emergency. Ord. 67-19 Contract with Murphy Tractor and Equipment Company for the purchase of a John Deere 410L Backhoe Loader for the Street Division. Ord 68-19 Contract with Utility Truck Equipment, Inc. for the purchase of a Versalift Bucket Truck for the Street Division. Ord. 69-19 Contract with Henderson Products, Inc. for the outfitting of a 2020 International 7400 HV507 4x2 for the Street Division and declaring an emergency. Ord. 70-19 Contract with Cargill, Incorporated for the purchase of road salt. Ord. 71-19 One (1) year contract extension with City option for two (2) additional one (1)-year terms with LimeCorp, LTD for the transport and disposal of lime residuals from the City's Water Treatment Plant and declaring an emergency. Ord. 72-19 Execute a services agreement with CDWG, LLC for Information Technology Hardware Purchase and declaring an emergency. Ord. 73-19 2019 Wage & Salary Ordinance Hourly Employees Ord. 74-19 Appropriation Ordinance (Contractual Items) - $70,642 for traffic signal system (existing contract); $78,814 for outfitting of International Truck for snow operations; $134,145 for purchase of Versalift Bucket Truck; $105,879 for purchase of John Deer 410L Backhoe Loader; $89,500 upgrade network data security and backup systems. Ord. 75-19 Appropriation Ordinance (Non-Contractual Items) $40,000 for asphalt repairs following water system repair work; $7,500 for asphalt repairs following sewer system repair work; $40,000 purchase of Lucas Devices; $15,280 for High Service Pump 9 repair; $6,500 for Hunter Tank Coating System Repair; $15,022 for Route 4 and Muskopf Pump Station SCADA Upgrades; $33,022 for water meters; $30,005 for meter reading equipment; $40,000 for camera surveillance systems for City facilities; $46,143 for purchase and outfitting of Police Patrol vehicle; $54,962 for purchase and outfitting of K9 Police Patrol vehicle (multiple vendors); $47,287 for purchase and outfitting of Park Ranger Patrol vehicle; $19,828 for purchase of police vehicle equipment; $20,500 for inspection services Winton Road Water Tank; $30,810 for roof replacement at Sewer Admin Building; $32,601 for Parks Maintenance Mower Replacement. 7-12/2019
July 12, 2019
August 11, 2019
August 11, 2019 8:10pm