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In the Probate Court of Clark County, Ohio

IN THE PROBATE COURT OF CLARK COUNTY, OHIO, Clark County Court House, 50 East Columbia Street, Springfield, Ohio 45502 THE CITY OF SPRINGFIELD, OHIO, Plaintiff ANDRIE MOUNTS, Et Al., Defendants CASE NO. 2020-4004 LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE is hereby given to: Brenda Mounts, their heirs, successors, creditors, and assigns, and to all persons who own or claim to own any interest in the real estate hereinafter described (all of the foregoing referenced persons being herein referred to as the "Defendants"), that on May 29, 2020, the Plaintiff, The City of Springfield, Ohio, filed a Petition To Appropriate Interests In Real Property in the Common Pleas Court of Clark County, Ohio, Probate Division, Case Number 2020-4004, to appropriate private property, pursuant to which Plaintiffs City Commission by Resolution No. 6063 adopted August 27, 2019, declared its intention to appropriate the temporary easement interest in the property hereinafter described for the purpose of performing the work necessary to complete the McCreight Avenue pavement reconstruction and resurfacing, curb and walk replacement and drainage improvement project construction, of which ordinance notice was given, according to law, and that thereafter by Ordinance No. 20-76, passed on March 10, 2020, appropriated said property, determined the value of the property appropriated to be $300.00, directed appropriation to proceed, and directed the City Law Director to apply to a court of competent jurisdiction to impanel a jury to make inquiry into and assess the compensation to be paid for the property, which is described as follows: Temporary Construction Easement- Parcel 17-T 227 East McCreight Avenue, Springfield, OH 45503 The Plaintiff asks that the court cause a jury to be impaneled to assess the compensation to be paid to the defendants determined to be the owners of the property, as their respective interests may appear. The said Defendants are required to answer the Petition To Appropriate Interests In Real Property on or before the expiration of twenty eight (28) days after the publication of this notice, which date will be October 16, 2020. Thereafter the court will set the matter for hearing. The said Defendants will take notice that failure to answer the petition can result in the court declaring the value of the property to be as set forth in said petition. JASON T. IRICK 0092587 Assistant Law Director The City of Springfield, Ohio 76 East High Street Springfield, Ohio 45502 Telephone: (937) 324-7351 Attorney for Plaintiff 9-11, 9-18/2020
September 11, 2020
October 16, 2020
September 19, 2020 3:05pm