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Springfield 45503 1629 E. Home Road

Sheriff Sale of Real Estate Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC Plaintiff VS Unk. Heirs of Trevelyan McCoy, Deceased Defendants Case No. 22CV0108 In pursuance of an Order of Sale in the above-entitled action, I will offer for sale at public auction online at on FRIDAY, THE 26TH DAY OF MAY 2023, AT 10:00 A.M., the following described real estate. If a residential property receives no bids at the first sale, it will be offered for sale again online, 2 weeks later, with no minimum bid requirement. SITUATE IN THE STATE OF Ohio, COUNTY OF CLARK, CITY OF SPRINGFIELD, NORTHEAST QUARTER OF SECTION 30, TOWNSHIP 5, RANGE 9, B.M.R.S., BEING THE PROPERTY OF JERRY WAND DEBORAH S GARRISON OF OFFICIAL RECORDS BOOK 2030, PAGE 2171 OF THE CLARK COUNTY RECORDER AND BEING MORE PARTICULARLY DESCRIBED AS FOLLOWS: BEGINNING AT A PIKE FOUND, AT THE NORTHWEST CORNER OF LOT 17091 OF YORKSHIRE PLAT OF PLAT BOOK 11, PAGE 92 AND IN THE EAST LINE OF MIRACLE MILE 4TH ADDITION OF PLAT BOOK 10, PAGE 26; THENCE, WITH THE EAST LINE OF THE MIRACLE MILE PLAT AND EAST LINE OF THE PROPERTY OF LOUIS HAND POTA L LINARDOS OF DEED BOOK 869, PAGE 146, N 05 DEGREES 13' 06" E 616.72 FEET TO THE ORIGINAL CENTERLINE OF HOME ROAD (ORIGINAL 40' R/W), PASSING A BAR FOUND AT 595.14 FEET; THENCE, WITH THE ORIGINAL CENTERLINE OF SAID ROAD, S 84 DEGREES 34' 53" E 99.40 FEET TO THE NORTHWEST CORNER OF THE PROPERTY OF FLORENCE AND KENNETH WILLIAMS OF OFFICIAL RECORDS BOOK 560, PAGE 238, ALSO BEING A PART OF THE VACATED PORTION OF HOME ROAD VACATED BY ORDINANCE NO. 87-588 (40' R/W); THENCE, WITH THE WEST LINE OF THE WILLIAMS PROPERTY AND THE WEST LINE OF THE PROPERTY TO DAVID L AND CHRISTINE MESALAM OF DEED BOOK 850, PAGE 92, S 05 DEGREES 54' 38" W 618.72 FEET TO A PIN SET IN THE NORTH LINE OF YORKSHIRE PLAT, PASSING A PIN SET AT 22.17 FEET; THENCE, WITH THE NORTH LINE OF SAID PLAT, N 83 DEGREES 20' 44" W 91.95 FEET TO THE PLACE OF BEGINNING, CONTAINING 1.357 ACRES, MORE OR LESS, 0.046 ACRES IN THE ROAD RIGHT OF WAY AND SUBJECT TO ALL LEGAL HIGHWAYS AND EASEMENTS OF RECORD. BEARINGS ARE BASED ON OHIO STATE PLANE COORDINATES SOUTH ZONE NAD 83 NO TRANS GEO ID G2009U07 AND ARE FOR ANGULAR PURPOSES ONLY. PINS SET ARE 5/8" BY 30" REBAR WITH PLASTIC CAPS LABELED R.E. HANKINSON P.L.S. #7409. THE ABOVE DESCRIPTION IS BASED ON AN ACTUAL FIELD SURVEY PERFORMED BY RICHARD E HANKINSON P.L.S. #7409 ON 07-08-2014. Parcel No. 3400700030203033 Premises located at: 1629 E. Home Rd Springfield, Ohio 45503 Premises Appraised at $80,000.00 (Eighty Thousand and 00/100 Dollars) and cannot be sold for less than two-thirds of that amount. The Sheriff's office nor any affiliates have access to the inside of said property. THESE PROPERTIES ARE SOLD AS IS. TERMS OF SALE: Down payment required: if the appraisal value is: Less than or equal to $10,000 - $2,000; Greater than $10,000 but less than or equal to $200,000 - $5,000; Greater than $200,000 - $10,000. Balance due when deed is delivered. The purchaser shall be responsible for those costs, allowances, and taxes that the proceeds of the sale are insufficient to cover. Deborah K. Burchett, Sheriff Bryan Sullivan, Deputy Robert R. Hoose, Attorney 330-436-0300 4-30, 5-7, 5-14/2023
E. Home Road
April 30, 2023
May 26, 2023
May 26, 2023 8:05pm